Feeling a little overwhelmed with the process of planning a wedding?

Most brides are. We are here to help start the process and be by your side the whole way through. Planning a wedding is incredibly detail oriented and requires constant attention. Everything from the basic pieces such as the dress, cake, flowers, and food to the more in depth details like save-the-dates, seating arrangements, timing of music, adorable decor, and so much more! Let's not forget the "B" word; Budget! No one wants to walk away from their wedding day with an empty wallet. We make it our priority to respect your budget, and make sure that we are well worth your money. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


What to expect:

  • Multiple meetings before the big day as well as regular contact.
  • Use of any and all of our products that are available for rent
  • Organization is key; we create spreadsheets specific to each bride to ensure we are staying within your budget.
  • Constant shopping for the details that we may not yet have in our collection, while shopping for the best deals.
  • Day of coordinating from start to finish; This is very in depth due to the manual labor. Often times we end up helping prep food, serve, clean up dishes, on top of all the normal coordinating responsibilities. If you choose to rent our dishes/table settings, that includes the hours of cleaning that we put in before and after the event as well. 
  • Recommendations of quality vendors.