Beautiful local venues each with their own vibrant ambiance . 


Pictures from your wedding are truly the only items you have to help you remember every moment. Arguably, they are the most important aspect of your day. These fabulous photographers have a special place in our heart for their talent. Check em' out!


Not a dancer? You don't have to be to have a DJ. It is well worth it to have a DJ at your wedding who knows exactly what songs you want played at exactly the right time. Not to mention they make the reception come to life.

Cakes & Deserts

YUM! Need I say more?


They say no one should look more beautiful then the bride. We feel pretty sure that if you shop at these places, you can't be upstaged! Some of them even have some bridesmaids dress to look at too.

On a budget? Try these...

Bridal Cosmetics

Time to get all dolled up! 


You will have a lot of excited guests on your day to see you, but they also want to be fed. Here's some yummy ideas;


Some guests will need a drink to loosen up on the dance floor


Pretty posies make the day


Besides the bride, one of the most important people in the ceremony is the person uniting the happy couple.